this made me SMILE!

I did a wedding invite for two friends this summer who were so lovely and fun and it turned out sooo cute. Then, the took the art and had a stamp made which they used on cocktail napkins (awesome!) and on their thank you notes. I don't have a pic of the cocktail napkins, but I am going to see if I can get one!

AND last year I made Annie, my sister, a case for a hot water bottle that she fell in LOVE with. She liked it so much, she named it Buddy (which is the most darling and brilliant name ever. She should get a job naming things.) and she uses it so much, it has gotten tattered and worn. So, this year, I went all out with fancy, durable fabrics and made Buddy a new suit! I made a paper pattern somewhere that I ought to hone with my most recent improvements, but they are pretty easy to just trace and sew!


Anonymous said...

susie... j'ai pense que c'etait votre mariage!!! j'etais deja en train de me dire, bon, il va falloir aller le 26 juillet aux USA!!!!

sinon, est-ce que Annie a des idees pour nous, pour les prenoms si jamais on en a un troisieme???



Anonymous said...

Bon idee...est-ce que vous allez consulter avec Annie pour le prenom du bebe (dela bebe?)?

En tout cas, Susie, you were lovely to work with on those invites!!