New chairs + home-made cushions

Our neighbors Mike and Jenny generously gave us two darling, vintagey wire basket chairs that they don't need. I was immediately enamored with them and thought they would work great upstairs as loungers when we get the next phase built. But, wire chairs are not the comfiest and they leave a wire grid on your booty, so the last day or two I set on making little cushions to soften the seats. I bought the fabric at a stoop sale in Copenhagen--it is some really sturdy natural fiber and the gal I bought it from claimed that they were hand-printed--or at least from a small, local factory from a long time ago. Something like that. Anyhow, I didn't have foam, so I took a really springy, cotton mattress pad and layered it 3x to make a soft, sleek pad for the inside. They work great.

Sometimes this how the place feels--all dreamy and gauzey. And, the two little buddies side-by-side. Awww jeeez.

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Anonymous said...

those are bertoia chairs. worth some cash too.