A taste of Chicago

I got that job I mentioned earlier and I had to come to Racine, WI for a week of meetings. Before going North, I spent a few days in Chicago visiting an old friend, Julie and her sweetie and seeing my parents' old haunts. These are a couple of little tastes from the visit.

The Vogue fabric store is in Evanston, North of Chicago, and is the town where my parents lived for several years. This store is amazing! Here is what I bought when I was there.

The Shermain Grill in Evanston--across the street from Vogue and what a treat. An old school diner with LOW prices. And, true to form, they know how to make a BLT, no messing around.

Oh, yea, that's a Chicago dog (no onions, no pepper) at Huey's hot dog shack. That full size pickle seems like it would be awkward but it is a burst of freshness on that grilled wieney!


riisa said...

so nice to hear from you DrillTeam! I hope to get a look at those kitchen shelves sometime before heading off to Mexico again late March...and to return your books. talk soon - riisa

Anonymous said...

It's a match made in heaven to eat any day of the week or all seven.
Fried potato product and a pickle paired wienie. A crispy comfort package, my favorite quicky snackage.

The Anonymous Wiener Poet