6 month belly monitor

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More like 6.5. This is a little late, but I included an oldie for comparison's sake. If you followed Fantastisk Fint, you might recognize my old room.
Under what now seems like the tiniest coat ever, is my body fitting loosely in that dress-shirt-dress. And to the right, yes, you might notice the middle button doing the lion's share of the work, straining the slightly stretchy, but not stretchy enough, cotton. A reminder that within weeks that shirt, my favorite shirt, not just because it is so cute but also because I got it in copenhagen and Tyler loves it and it has lasted 6 whole months into the pregnancy, maybe seven, will be retired temporarily and join its compatriots in a box labeled, "PRE-PREG". I should start writing "POST-PREG" out of optimism.
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rt said...

very sharp, suz.