Flexi-quilt Construction Kit

I did it! Well, my Mom helped me (thanks mom!) ad I finished the little fabric shapes in time for Art Walk. It's silly that I don't have more photos, but I took lots of pics with real film and they are still in the canister waiting to be sent away and developed. But I've got this here photo that another artist posted on facebook of the little guys so that'll just have to do for now. I named it the Flexi-quilt Construction Kit (Thanks Justin Gitlin for the name brainstorm!). (And while I'm on this parenthetical thank you journey, thanks to Tyler for building the shelves in hall and thanks to Alana for hosting the show and thanks to Tonia for giving me the idea to use Timtex so the little pieces would stay stiff and thanks to Finn for being small and inspiring me to make kid's toys.) End parentheses: I think might make little Kits up and sell them on Etsy for fun. (Thanks Noal for the Etsy idea). I better end this now. Goodnight blog-post with by far the worst grammar and punctuation ever.


Anonymous said...

So cute susie! you'd get some lookers and buyers on etsy for sure!! what an original idea ( like always...) ;)


alice said...

you're so cool susie!