A package!

Finn has gotten many gifts from so many of you. And until recently, it was usually Tyler and I oohing and ahhing and tearing open the paper. But, today he got a package from France and he's big enough now to sort of have his way with paper wrapping. In fact, as you may have experienced with little ones, they don't always get beyond the paper.

OOH! It's a doudou for napping! Nice work, Tifenn. So sweet and cuddly.

Yea! And a book about DIYin' my stuff. Another score.

Woops! And Finn sure devoured the note that came with the package.

Also enclosed is a paper fish that inflates when you blow into it! I can't wait to do it. I might save it until New Year's Eve or something. Maybe Finn will understand a little better then. Thank you Tifenn! What a treat.
Oh, and I can' forget the darling carpet Finn is laying on. That came recently from his cousin Boston and his Aunt Lisa and Uncle Andy. It's a world map. All Finn has to do is roll over once and he is a world traveler!

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violaine said...

ouh la la.. j'ai eu du mal a le reconnaitre!!! qu'est-ce qu'il a grandi! incroyable! il peut presque prendre l'avion tout seul pour venir voir ses cousins en france!