Christmas in March

Chance is such a slippery variable. When things, by chance, work out in your favor there is a special feeling that is unlike the gratification of a job well done. It's more like some instant karmic pay-off and, at least for me, I can't help feeling like I deserved that good luck just a little.

In this case, I don't know what the source of my good fortune was, but it is certainly linked to my mother. One of her coworkers bought a home that was left behind by a former seamstress. A fire had ruined much of the house, but the attic, full of fabric (we're talking boxes and bolts--enough to start a small store) remained intact. The new owner, an artist / doctor, saw the value of all of this and generously offered to let my mom come over and pick through it. So, as a good mother does, she got her kids in on the action and we piled into the station wagon, Finn in tow, and checked the place over. It was pretty messy but we came out with a carload of great stuff and I can't help feeling like I just got a second Christmas!

Thanks Mom! (and Lisa!)

This will certainly be spurring many more sewing projects that I will share here.

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