A new shirt!

I saw a really nice shirt on line and I decided it was so simple I could do it without a pattern. There are a few user errors here, but basically, it's doing the job. The fabric came from that batch of stuff that Annie, my Mom and I collected from the burnt out seamstress' house.


Karen said...

Susie, at some point I will actually respond to your lovely email, but in the meantime:
Did you actually take this self-portrait while sitting on a public toilet? Classy!

boobieprize said...

that is my thought too! Are you sitting on the pot? :)

Anonymous said...

qu'est-ce que tu es jolie Susie!!!

(tu sais que Nino veut regarder les DVD en anglais maintenant "pour quand j'irai chez Susie, pour parler anglais"!!!