Good labeling

Good labeling on canned goods is crucial because all canned goods have a specific shelf life and shouldn't be left too long. I finally have my system dialed in. The metal/rubber seals are not reusable, so I always write on those now so I know for the future that that seal is spent. And I date it and name it specifically so it jogs my memory about the recipe a bit. I did these jars yesterday from my neighbors green tomatoes which make really yummy hot dog relish. Really easy. I made it like preserves, boiled the fruit, spices, sugar and vinegar until the fruit was soft. The I strained out solids (but only as much as I could get with a slotted spoon and sieve over the pot) and cooked liquid down to a syrup. Then, blammo, into jars for water bath seal 10 minutes! Oh, fir half the batch I added a whole bunch of red pepper flakes. I hope it's spicy!

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