Hello old friend + welcome new one!

I'm back to canning. I guess I was full of hot air (or water) when I said I was done a few weeks ago. It's just a bummer when something doesn't turn out as expected and I got discouraged. But I didn't stay away too long. When Sarah let me pick plums and pears from her mom's tree, I knew I couldn't eat them before they'd spoil and I never have room in the freezer. So, alley-oop -- out came my trusty canning pot! And, well, my pears are floating and I tries canning Italian plums just to find out how they taste so they're no master works but I had a good manic time peeling and poaching and beating the clock.
In other news, a new shiny beautiful 22 qt. Pressure canner is now in my battery of tools thanks to my mom!! She even let me have it a week early (my birthday is tomorrow.) Today I made golden vegetable stock in it, then Pressure canned 5 quarts to put away and save. I am so thrilled to be able to can stock now. Hot diggity!

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