Friday night sew-off!

I haven't really talked about my new job here. I'm having a great time. It's really an excellent fit for me and far less stressful than my last job! And, at Clothorks, there are enormous bins of fabric scraps (little pieces with flaws and snags) that I can dig through!! Being mostly a scraps quilter, this is a dream come true! So, on this pillow there are here fabrics from the scrap bin: the bright orange is this really nice organic, light poplin, the bright blue is a Japanese ambre (?) and the brown on the backing with the Japanese writing on it is a yarn dye from a collection called European taupe. You probably also recognize scraps from the tank top i just made, stripes from a dress circa 2009, stripes from Jacob's tie and seersucker from Nate and Amy's quilt. By the way, I only have 3 yards left of the 10 yards of charcoal seersucker that I impulsively bought over the phone from Bolt in Portland...knowing that my supply is dwindling has made me really make use of every scrap from that project! Oh, and of course, this pillow features a vintage metal zipper from the Edmonds Senior Center Thrift Store.

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