Messy floor?!

No worries. I hate to admit it but we are reaching our 1 year anniversary in this house and I have NEVeR once vacuumed the sewing room floor. I'm sorry mom! You'll be so ashamed when you see it. Part of the reason is that I figured out that all you need is a decent magnet to find all the stray pins, needles and other tiny metal things that fall to the floor amongst all the scraps, thread and what not. After securing the space of sharp, dangerous objects, I am totally over the idea if vacuuming. But the scraps havent stopped me from busting out another little messenger hat for Finn. Full disclosure--this one is for an ad at work. Stay tuned on that! This pattern needs some serious honing. I keep making a lot of the same mistakes. Annie sent me a cool pattern for a welders hat. Maybe I'll scrap my homemade pattern and try that one next time.

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