binding your quilt's corner

my mom is the best sewer i know. and over the last 10 years or so, to my delight and the delight of everyone around her, she has become a nearly fanatic quilter with an amazing eye and a precise hand. when i was making my first quilt i was alternately cheering about my accomplishments and producing sad bags of screwed up squares to my mom to fix. when it came to binding the edge of the quilt, i began to lose some momentum because even though it was turning out beautiful, the proposed recipient of the quilt had recently become my ex-boyfriend. i was quilting out of love, which always brings the best results, but the nature of the love had changed. while i was once sewing the quilt out of love gained, now i was sewing the quilt out of love lost. so, i got to a stopping point, and i produced what i had for my mom. she said, don't give up now because the binding is soooo easy. and luckily she is not one to downplay the difficulty of things so i knew to trust her when she said the last part was easy and she even added, i find it soothing. that sounded like just what i needed to finally sew up what had rapidly turned into a sturdy kleenex. so, binding a quilt is easy, and my mom made me a little fabric model of how to bind the corners (the hardest part) without which i, and many of my friends, would have been lost and frustrated. this morning Becca called me to ask if i could described to her how to bind the corners and doing it in words on the phone was not coming even close, so i made a little diagram to show how it is done. if you are in need, it is here for you.

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