liqueur, liquor, likker

Last weekend I had this to-do list. It had on it things like 'laundry', 'vaccuum', 'return books at library', 'pay bills', 'study'... you know, things like that.

It did not, however, have anything on it like 'drag out every single dusty bottle of homemade liqueur in all of my cabinets, and from the basement, and in every state of completion, and proceed to assess, consolidate, strain, filter, wash bottles for, rebottle (in matching bottles, natch), and label every single drop of homemade liqueur I possess. That was a messy sentence, but it was a messy process.

this is the green walnut liqueur when i started it last fall

My kitchen was a wreck. It took all afternoon.

But oh, how it satisfied. And now I look in my liquor cabinet and breathe easy, baby. 'Cause my liquor and shit is toGETHa.

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