NE corner. Wow the beams and columns look amazing and even with the drywall you can sort of get the idea.

Here is a pic of the primer on, and then move to ecru/beige. In the evening it looks far more beige that when daylight is illuminating the walls. We got a whole stack of mistints for 6 bucks, and "boxed" them (that means mixing a bunch of similar paints) which was a screaming deal considering the cost it would have been to cover ALL those walls at retail. The result is slightly beige which both of us are very happy with. It is warm and with all the natural light coming in those enormous windows, it has a really cozy feel.

This one needs a bit of explaining. The left hand corner is the kitchen wall (the pipes are staying white and the background is the aforementioned beige) and there is a little sliver of the gray/blue window wall. On the right is another sliver of the window wall which i included so you could see how different the color of the window wall looks in different lights. The gray wall was a Tyler/Kevin collaboration and it looks amazing, I am hoping to get a good shot of it when we move the pile of stuff (bottom) out of the way.

Thanks to all the helpers! Here is Tricia, but Jeff, Aaron, Kevin also helped a bunch.

But this post really is for Tyler. Ever since the chemicals got involved, he has pretty much done everything except for some minimal taping and errand running. Granted, I have been making some SWEET sandwiches for his lunch tin.

Since these photos were taken, Tyler has tackled the first coat of the floor sealer, I have been packing boxes with Annie and Lindsey and we are negotiating when our trip to IKEA will occur to get kitchen cupboards.

Another piece of juicy news is that my Uncle Paul has offered some wood working services in teh form of a kitchen table and perhaps bench or chairs! Hot diggity! More about that later.

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Anonymous said...

moi j'aimerai bien voir des photos de la couleur de la peinture, parce que je crois que j'aime beaucoup beaucoup et qe peut etre je peux reussir a convincre Reno de tout repeindre chez nous, a commencer par les meubles!!!

biz les z'ami-ricains!