Many tiny updates

This is a smattering of little updates. Sorry--no belly picture yet, but I promise I'll post one soon. But there's ultrasound shot of the little BOY. We're so excited. He's a real mover pedal-kickin and wiggling around.

In a way, we are totally taken over by our own stuff, but this photo is already a few weeks old and it has cleared out a lot. But, I wanted to show our darling Christmas tree that we chopped down ourselves with Aly and Reid.

This is the lovely countertop that Tyler and Aaron made. Khe kitchen is such a pleasure to work in now. You can see more about these counters at novustone's website.

This year for family, we made scotchmallows with salty tops from a Martha Stewart recipe. They tasted great, though we overdid the caramel a bit so it was very chewy.


Anonymous said...

Dang right this is a blog about making things....A little BOY. So awesome - congratulation Susie and Tyler - can't wait to meet your little guy. Becca ( your sis in law, I know there are OTHER beccas out there... )

RFR and SRB said...

Those scotchmellows were AWESOME and I'm getting used to the idea of BOY. Turns out, I assumed you'd have a girl...?

Anonymous said...

c'est marrant je pensais aussi a une fille, mais ca me fait super plaisir que Nino et Zadig est un cousin americain! c'est meme plutot la classe!!!!

i am so excited to imagine the tree of them, cycling around making jokes!!!

des bisous les amis-ricains