trestle table arrives to cheers, oohs and ahs!

I feel so spoiled right now. My uncle Paul (with the coordination help of my Aunt Rhonda) built Tyler and me the most beautiful trestle table. About a month and half ago Rhonda called and broke the fabulous news that she and Paul wanted to make us something for our place and we sent them pictures of Shaker-style trestle tables, among a few other trestle tables and they basically duplicated the picture in naturally-finished black walnut. I am dying. It is so gorgeous and shiny on top, amazingly sturdy but still delicate. I guess walnut is a strong, straight wood and it's possible to build things with a light frame and it will hold up very well. And, if you look closely, the legs are attached to a little rail that runs the length of the table about 3 inches off the ground so if you are naughty and lean back in your chair, you can put your feet on the cross bar--so comfy. Not to mention that little cross bar is attached to the legs with a wooden wedge-shaped peg that can be removed and the whole table breaks down into a flat pack. Yes, it is collapsible! ahhhhhh! BE STILL MY BEATING HEART! I love it. Tyler loves it. It is by far the nicest piece of furniture I/we have ever owned and we are so lucky. SO, thank you Paul and Rhonda! You've made our mid-century-modern-timeless-functional. (That is nonsense, but I am a bit delirious just looking at the table!)

This was the tables maiden culinary voyage. Paul and Rhonda ALSO brought crabs because they had gotten their fill and couldn't finish their catch. So, Annie and Kevin came over and helped us crack 'em! This is also a good shot of how the place is right now. Still lots of boxes, but that table put a fire under us to do some more organizing!

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