MAJOR kitchen progress=Big grin!

Tyler has been such a busy bee making improvements here and as long as we are still working on plans and building-permitting for the nursery, the kitchen will get some attention.

This is what the kitchen was like before shelves started coming in. Not too bad, but I still had boxes with glasses, and all kinds of things.

Plus check out the cluttery corner behind me. Yuck!

But, Tyler went to work on that. He had an idea of what the shelf was supposed to be like, got it constructed, then we talked how to mount it.

Ta-DAA! Look at that beaut! We both agree, just that one shelf revolutionized our kitchen space. I can't help being a little greedy, though, anticipating the next round of shelves. Other side of the stove, for glassware. Ooooh!

But that's not all. This one came in a week or two ago, just below the bed/loft. And notice those white bars attached and running vertically toward the ceiling? Those are the beginning of a screen/partition for our bed-area.

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huck said...

oooh, things are really coming together! it looks great and we are super excited to see it soon. xo.