Post Roast Soup

Today I was really sick of eating leftovers from the pot roast I made this weekend (which was made from delicious beef, purchased in bulk from the Carman Family Ranch in Oregon) that I decided to throw the rest of what I had in the remaining beef broth to make a soup. In the container I had some hunks of beef, about a potato and a half, a few carrots, mushrooms and a bit of sauce from the bottom of the pan.

Then I added a few sprigs of fresh thyme (also left from the roast day), along with some balsamic vinegar, a few drops Frank's red-hot sauce, and some black pepper. I also took some old whole grain bread cubes, sauteed them in a little oil and garlic to make croutons.

Finally, I mixed a little plain yoghurt with some horseradish to dollop on top for a bit of creaminess.

It reminded me a little bit of French onion soup, a rich broth full onions and mushrooms but those potatoes and the horseradish cream added a special treat. I oversalted a touch, but no harm--we just drank big glasses of water afterwards.

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