Updates on the lil' unit

3 WEEKS til DUE DATE! (May 16)
howdy doo.
it's official. there's no going back. we're having a baby and and based on the way my body feels i am pretty eager to get that guy out of my uterus and into a backpack for tyler to carry! ha ha! anyway, a couple updates on the lil' unit (that's our place, not the baby)

Not my best diptych ever but Tyler built this cool screen to cover our bed area.


huck said...

is your due date really may 16th? that's my birthday! oh please oh please oh please, little one. you can do it!

rt said...

wow. amazing belly photo! and i'm diggin that screen. looks great privacy light diffusion. glad to see you guys doin rad.

Chloe said...

No kidding! I'm sure Tyler is more than ready to get a turn. We'll be coming straight from the airport to the hospital to meet him. I can't wait! Wishing you peaceful relaxation between now and then. *Cheers*

Anonymous said...

hUCK? i MAY SAY? i AM SORRY TO TELL, but baby "cousin d'amerique" will be arriving on the 10th of may!!! parce que c'est notre "ami-ricain"

qu'est-ce que ce ventre rond est joli, Ssie! magnifique, tu es magnifique!

biz de la part des cousins francais


laurabeggar said...

i have been dreaming of you and the lil one and i miss you and i love you both, if it's half you, it's totally priceless.