Finn Potts Philipsen comes in with a wail!

Early, but what a relief to have him already. I finished work on Thursday expecting to have a week or so of torturous anticipation of the birth, but instead, Finn came right along and surprised all with an early arrival.

He weighs 8lbs 10oz
Is 22 inches long
Looks like he will tan way better than his Mom
Has light brownish red hair
and smells like heaven.
What a gift!

The labor was tough but Tyler was a super champ of a tireless partner helping me through all the agony and the midwives were lovely, so calm, so dear and so good at their jobs! I was really blown away.

Can't wait for you all to meet him.


Anonymous said...

Bienvenu parmi nous. You have choose right! I don't know about Tyler yet, but I am 300% sure that Susie will be a groovy mother... I wouldn't mind having the same one!

Susie enjoy every little piece of happiness... et garde en memoire cette premiere odeur, c'est la meilleure!
je vous embrasse nos ami-ricains!


Laura Sleasman said...

Susie! You are too darn cute! What an adorable baby and your place looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing.