what's better? a smoothie or mama's camera?

Well, the evidence is right before you that despite a delicious berry smoothie that i left Finn actually drink himself with his own two hands (and by that I mean, he not only held his own glass but put his hands inside the glass along with a bunch of cheerios), an iPhone is more interesting that food! This slightly cruel series depicts, through Finn's facial gestures, the joy of the smoothie, then the rapid decline in Finn's mood as I took his picture. The more I snapped, the madder he got and wanted my camera!! I guess I'll have to get more sly with my device.

And, by the way, this weekend there will be a flurry of posts. Tyler is out of town (a tear falls) and so I will finally be posting about tons of things I have let go to the wayside. For one, I am getting some serious haul out of the vegetable garden now so I really want to show it off!!

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