yes, a mouse.

I had a lot of my fabric in a dresser in the garage. And I can't remember if I thought to myself when we moved in, boy, you should really bring it in, but I might have thought that. I wish I had thought that. Although the pictures reveal that not too much damage was done and that mouse was really cute especially when she made her little squeeeeeky squeek. And, Finn really liked the whole experience, too.

So, here's the story. I noticed little mice poo all around the garage and for weeks thought I should bring my fabric dresser in. Last weekend I finally got the guts (and the time!) to get out there and explore what was up. I opened the top drawer which was relatively inhospitable, fulln drawer 2, the quilting fabrics drawer. And what you see above is what I found. A mouse and a little ball of stuff that was full of babies. I ran into the house because I really don't have what it takes to deal with rodents and Tyler helped move the mouse lair into a box. The worst is that I had totally been opening that drawer to look for things for quite a while and I am SURE those mice have been there all along. And they were soooo cozy in their next.

But, it turns out maybe we should have killed the mice? It's sort of like you are letting the pesting continue if you don't get rid of them. But oh man, I don't have the heart to kill those mice even though I am creaped out by it all. On the other hand, I eat meat and that is a dead animal so what's the difference? It's a silly double standard. I think of myself as someone who would be able to kill a chicken if I want to eat it, but that would actually be REALLY hard for me. The killing part.

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Anonymous said...

Killing mice was never my forte, too. Couldn't do it without fainting at Amgen...mouse research to further a cure for human diseases. Sometimes it seems worth it but when its you in the lab with the little buggers it gets personal. ;) I like this post, Susie. xoxo becca