In a jam. Busted.

I hate it when things like this happen. I had delicious hot peppers from the farmer's market, picked all the blackberries I could reach in our back yard, made delicious, spicy juice for Hot Pepper Blackberry jelly. And, I only had enough for one jar because you have to strain out all the fruit and just keep the juice. I got it all prepped and was a little lazy about my water bath, using some jenky metal rack instead of the real wire rack. Dropping the jar in, I heard a pop, followed by a big, spicy, dark red blackberry cloud that dissipated in the pot. But, I left it to water bathe nonetheless because I didn't really register what had happened and I thought maybe it just leaked a little. It broke and I lost all the jelly except for two tiny jars and about a Tablespoon that is in my fridge. I guess it will just be as precious as caviar, now. And I learned a lesson. Don't use a jenky rack that is not meant for canning unless you are super careful. And, don't use a jar that is normally an animal cookie jar that Finn bangs on and takes in and out of the car!

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