Napkin design innovation accident. Amazing.

I thought I had dialed in my napkin design but this weekend I got a little extra "help" from family members and an innovation has appeared. I wanted to make a set of napkins for a friends wedding shower and I had all the pieces sewn together, left a little whole in one side to turn them inside out and brought them to a family gathering to get some free labor in turning the napkins. The task was to clip the fabric corners that would make the napkins bulky once turned but one of my helpers actually snipped a whole new corner off to make his own whole to turn the napkin. When I got home and began to press them I noticed this and was puzzled but soon realized what had happened. I just thought, okay, two of the napkins will have bites taken out of them (which you see in the picture). But the further I got, the more I liked those napkins with the bites better. So, I went ahead and snipped all the napkins because it is way cuter! And, not to point fingers, but I think it was my brother Mat who I can thank for this design detail. Good job Matsky!

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