Sour cherries

I have wanted to make sour cherry jam for many summers because we've got a pitter laying around and most importantly, I tasted the most delicious sour cherry jam while an exchange student at 14 years in Germany. I order cherries from Tonnemakers (they don't normally bring tart cherries to market) and they had already pitted them! So, no pitter needed--which was definitely for the better. I made jam, cherry syrup for whiskey drinks. Somehow, I have already given away over half of the jam--how does that happen?

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huck said...

omg, gorgeous! and i'm so glad to see the cocktails resting on the cutting board wedding gift from canoe. i wasn't sure it made it home with you during the hustle and bustle of annie's big day. it all looks so amazing! same some jam for us, if there's any left. xxoo.